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How to Shop at the Butcher

In by Katherine, The Internets on October 12 at 9:28 pm

Great post on GQ: “Why Every Man Needs a Butcher.” Seriously informative post with seven great tips tells you what surprising services butchers provide free of charge, and will probably irrevocably change the way you shop for and cook meat.

“A new wave of young cleaver masters are reviving not only a lost art but also a lost pleasure. Get to know your butcher and you won’t just save yourself time (yes, he’ll butterfly that for you) and money (for free!), you’ll learn how to make a skirt steak or a stack of short ribs taste more succulent than you ever imagined. Here’s how to get the most out of your meat man.”

Read it; you won’t be sorry. And this is the female semi-vegetarian of the apartment speaking.

Best butchers in Berkeley, according to Yelp:

Ver Brugge Meat-Fish Poultry
6321 College Ave.
Oakland, CA 94618

Star Meats
3068 Claremont Ave.
Berkeley, CA 94705

Enzos Meat and Poultry
5655 College Ave.
Oakland, CA 94618

  1. […] 8 at 6:11 pm Perhaps it’s a bit ironic that as the semi-vegetarian of the apartment, I keep posting about meat, but this Food Lab post from Serious Eats is a gem for omnivores of all […]

  2. […] and crab for the bland canned varieties the recipe calls for.  Recall from October’s post How to Shop at the Butcher that  you can ask your fishmonger to do most of the unsavory work for you beforehand, including […]

  3. Hi! Question: where did you get those pictures from? I have been looking for vintage meat charts like that for a while now, and here they are!


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