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Bakesale Betty’s Chicken Pot Pie

In by Deanne, Foodies on the Town, Foodies Take-Out/Bring-It-Home on October 25 at 9:27 pm

We’ve all experienced chicken pot pie at some point in our lives. Some of us are lucky enough to experience chicken pot pie in its purest form: your grandma/mother’s home-cooked chicken pot pie, lovingly baked with roughly chopped carrots, celery, potatoes, and real chicken. Others, myself included, have only had its pallid, frozen cousin: the “mini” personal pot pie with a 4-1 ratio of artificial gravy to chicken. The frozen chicken pot pies are usually noxiously creamy, so I’ve avoided them ever since I first ventured to try one as a child after watching Chicken Run (2000). Although that movie should technically dissuade viewers from eating chicken pot pie, after an intimate hour-and-a-half sympathizing with chickens trying to escape pot-pie doom . . . But I suppose I wanted to see what all the hoo-hah was about.

The chickens dance too!

The chickens dance too!

Nonetheless, I had heard that Bakesale Betty’s Chicken Pot Pie is quite tasty, so I went ahead and bought one for a special Apartment 205 get-together dinner. And the results definitely surpassed expectations:

Creamy chicken stuffing... flaky crust... om nom nom nom!

Creamy chicken stuffing... flaky crust... om nom nom nom!

I bought the large pre-bake chicken pot pie at Bakesale Betty’s (located 5098 Telegraph Ave, Oakland) and left it in the freezer for a day. Even after freezing, the freshness of the ingredients used at Bakesale Betty’s really comes across in the scent and flavor of the pie. There is a generous amount of chicken chunks, carrot, onion, and celery in thick, creamy gravy. Traces of basil and black pepper are detectable. It is very filling, and I am sure that the entire pie will last me a week (a huge plus for busy college students). The winning characteristic of this pie is its delicious, flaky crust; it does not get soggy easily and remains in luscious, buttery condition above the mess of chicken stuffing. The only downside is that the pie was slightly more expensive than the usual, at $25 per large pie and $6 per personal pie, but Bakesale Betty’s is really the place to go for legitimate, generous pies! One day I shall return for their famed fried chicken sandwiches and strawberry shortcake.

  1. yum yum. thanks deanne!

  2. Am I the someone you had heard about this from? I loooveee Bakesale Betty’s chicken pot pie!!!

  3. Yes actually. I remember you said that the fried chicken sandwiches were to die for!

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