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Not So Humble Pie

In by Katherine, The Internets on March 10 at 5:10 pm

Alex recently introduced me to Not So Humble Pie, a food blog featuring the most delightfully nerdy baked goods I’ve ever seen, with gorgeous photography.

Gel electrophoresis cookies

binary cupcakes hostess

Binary code cupcakes

controller cookies xbox ps3 wii

Game controller cookies

Mrs. Humble describes herself as “your typical  nerdy biological anthropologist turned stay at home mom and baker of sometimes strange goodies.”  Her posts are not all Xbox this and Wiimote that, however.  Some of my favorite posts of late include:

Chocolate mascarpone brownies


Peanut brittle


Not So Humble Pie makes me almost wish I was a stay at home mom with time to bake all day long.  Who’s up for making macarons?

  1. Aah, the electrophoresis marks are not logarithmically spaced! (yeah, that was the first thing I noticed about them…)

    Otherwise, this is really awesome. Thanks a lot for making me hungry =P.

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