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The Kitchn’s Sandwich Roundup

In by Katherine, The Internets on April 13 at 2:02 am

One of our favorite blogs, the kitchn, just did an excellent roundup of sandwiches they’ve featured recently for their Lunch Week.  If you’re trying to save money by packing your own lunch, venture outside the realm of PB&Js and scope out these beauties:

Farmer's Lunch Sandwich

"Grainy mustard, sharp cheese, and some crunchy apples."

Vietnamese Banh Mi

"Baguettes filled with pickled carrots and daikon, fresh cilantro, and meat or tofu."

Egg Salad Sandwich

"Hearty, satisfying and surprisingly versatile in these eight recipes."

Tomato Sandwich

"Nothing fancy — no bacon or lettuce or even toasted bread. Just plain, white bread, lots of mayonnaise, salt, and pepper."

For more ideas, feast your eyes on the rest of The Kitchn’s sandwich roundup.

  1. OH YUM! Dude, Katherine, your Cal Foodie Friday foodies should join us for our next dishcrawl (with in the Berkeley area. :)

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