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The latest pair of posts from Hunter Angler Gardener Cook demonstrate, in a nutshell, why I love this blog  so much.

Hank Shaw is, as the name of his blog would suggest, a man of many talents.  When describing him to Jim and Dennis, I called him “the Bear Grylls of the culinary world”.  From fishing for leopard sharks in San Francisco Bay to making venison sausages to sipping cider brewed from manzanita berries he picked himself, he is a badass in every sense of the word.

“My name is Hank Shaw. I write. I fish. I dig earth, raise plants, live for food and kill wild animals. I drink bourbon, Barolo or Budweiser with equal relish and wish I owned a farm. But most of all I think daily about new ways to cook and eat anything that walks, flies, swims, crawls, skitters, jumps – or grows. I am the omnivore who has solved his dilemma. This is my story.”

Hank Shaw

Mr. Shaw is one of the only food enthusiasts I know that can legitimately say he is involved with all stages of the food that comes to his table, from start to finish.  Yet his posts are incredibly down to earth, and he’s never preachy or pretentious:

And the photographs of his culinary experiences, shot by his partner Holly A. Heyser, are g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s.  What a perfect pair.  Here are a few from his two most recent posts, one on his recent dove hunts and the next on dishes that feature dove.

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