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Watchmen Cupcakes

In by Katherine, Dessert First on November 29 at 2:23 am

We here at Foodie Friday have been excitedly tracking our 15 minutes of fame on Reddit tonight.  It’s awesome to see everyone’s appreciative comments of the periodic table cupcakes (and speculation about me being a bored housewife).

So you guys like nerdy cupcakes.  You want to see more nerdy cupcakes.  Okay.

Here are some that I made out of fondant for Watchmen.

Watchmen cupcakes

watchmen cupcakes nite owl rorschach dr. manhattan

watchmen cupcakes

Does lightning strike twice?  Regardless, thanks for all the periodic table love.


Periodic Table Cupcakes

In by Katherine, Dessert First on November 27 at 9:36 pm

Edit: Pictures of the Watchmen cupcakes are up for all you cupcake lovers over at Reddit.

I helped my little sister bake these periodic table cupcakes for her birthday party tomorrow.

A periodic table made entirely out of cupcakes.

She’s a chemistry nerd, so everything had to be exactly correct.  Astute chem majors will notice the color-coded icing for solids, liquids, and gases, as well as the empty cupcake liner for as-yet-undiscovered element ununseptium.

(Though when it came time for me to take a picture with the completed cupcakes, she mysteriously could not find her ultra-dorky safety goggles that I wanted to wear for it.)

By the time the flour from the day’s baking had settled, we had emptied 2 bags of powdered sugar, 1 bag of brown sugar, 1 bag of white sugar, 16 eggs, and and 17 sticks of butter.

Shoutouts to Ellie and Marissa for helping with the other metals, metalloids, and nonmetals, as well as to the best four elements on the table: Berkelium, Californium, Lawrencium, and Seaborgium.  Oh, what?  Stanfurdium?  What?  Oh, sorry, there isn’t one.  Boom.

Chemistry cupcakes in the shape of the periodic table.

F*ck Stanfurd Cupcakes

In by Katherine, Dessert First on November 21 at 1:49 am

I baked these cupcakes tonight in honor of the Big Game tomorrow.

Fuck Stanfurd

I have to get up early tomorrow for the annual Ink Bowl flag football game between the Daily Cal and Stanford Daily staffs.  The Daily Cal has won the Exacto knife for seven or eight years running since 2003.  After that, I’ll be at the Big Splash (water polo) and then the Big Game.  Go bears!

Elmo Cupcakes

In Birthday Parties, by Amy on August 20 at 3:12 pm

Cooking time: 5 minute preparation time, ~35 minutes baking time, 15 minutes decorating time | Originally enjoyed on: 6/27/2009

For Paul’s (belated) birthday celebration in June, we cooked up about three dozen Elmo-decorated cupcakes. The Foodies have a long-running joke that has associated Paul with the beloved red monster from Sesame Street ever since. Back during Welcome Week, Paul shocked us all with his dead-on Tickle Me Elmo impression:

Last year, we got him a Tickle Me Elmo Extreme that spoke Spanish. This year, we made Elmo cupcakes.

I originally got the idea from my niece’s first birthday party:

Elmo cupcakes: great treats for a birthday party, no matter how old you're turning.

Elmo cupcakes: great treats for a birthday party, no matter how old you're turning.

Of course, I couldn’t resist making them for Paul’s birthday.


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