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A Rose Water by Any Other Name…

In by Katherine, The Internets on September 2 at 5:28 pm

When I saw the New York Times’ article “Rose Water Adds a Subtle Kick,” I was dubious.  Rose water?  Wouldn’t it make all of my food taste overpoweringly perfumy, or like an old person’s house?  Where would I even buy such a thing?  But hey, it’s the Dining & Wine section of the New York Times.  They know a thing or two.  So I kept reading.  And then I saw this:

"Poundcake and peach compote, both infused with rose water."

And read this:

“Taking a cue from 18th-century bakers, substitute rose water for the vanilla in cupcakes, puddings or scones. Or add a teaspoon or so to your next batch of French toast batter. Put a drop or two in a glass of lemonade for a remarkably refreshing summer drink — or make a rose martini in the same manner.”

John Willoughby, “Rose Water Adds a Subtle Kick”

Rosewater cupcakes at a springtime picnic, decorated with pink icing and little delicate sugared flowers?  All right, Mr. Willoughby, sign me up.

Based on the article, my best bet for finding rose water in Berkeley is probably an ethnic grocery store like Milan International or Indus (which, as a bonus, has very reasonably priced lamb, which rose water apparently flatters as well.)  For convenience, I’ll be checking at Berkeley Bowl’s fairly impressive international foods aisle first, and post back with what I find (or don’t find).

Not convinced yet?  Read the New York Times’ original article, and you might find yourself a convert too.