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5 Ingredient, 10 Minute Recipes

In by Katherine, The Internets on June 25 at 7:44 pm

Sorry for the dearth of posts lately!

Apartment 205 has been busy with finals, a few precious weeks of vacation, and now our full-time internships.

However, I can promise that there will be some good posts on the way.  Ahmed and I have been doing some tasty home cooking, Amy’s been exploring the gastronomic delights of San Francisco, and Deanne just arrived in Taiwan and has promised to do a few posts from abroad.

Meanwhile, my heroes at Lifehacker just introduced me to Stone Soup, a cookbook comprised entirely of recipes you can make with 5 ingredients in 10 minutes.  If that’s not the perfect remedy for someone working startup hours, I don’t know what is.

I was initially dubious that 5 ingredients could  yield anything more than a few bland and uninspired dishes, each a slight variant on the other.  Not so.  Take these butter beans with chorizo, tomato, and fried egg:

Sure, author Jules Clancy takes some pricey shortcuts, as with the pastry dough for tomato & eggplant pies, below, but for a 10-minute meal, who am I to complain?

Best of all, the Stone Soup cookbook can be accessed in a handy free .PDF download.   And if you like Ms. Clancy’s train of thought, check out the New York Times’ 101 simple summer meals ready to eat in 10 minutes or less.

Burn Your Recipes

In by Katherine, The Internets on January 5 at 1:08 am

All right, don’t burn them, but get ready to free yourself from the tedium of teaspoons and half-teaspoons.  I’m on a late-night Lifehacker kick, and I just found a foodie-related article on baking ratios.

Culinary Institute of America-trained chef Michael Ruhlman postulates that if you sit down and memorize a few basic ratios (2 parts flour and liquid + 1 part egg and butter make a quickbread), you can tweak them to bake whatever you want (lemon zest for a lemon cake, sugar and vanilla for pancakes).

Intriguing.  And while Ruhlman’s book is for sale on Amazon, if you’re a poor college student like us, you can glean the basics from his Lifehacker interview or just looking at the diagram on the cover (click on the image up there for a nice large JPEG).  Heh.