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Bakery Mexico No. 2

In by Katherine, The Traveling Foodie on March 21 at 4:46 pm

(Cured jamon ham + chorizo + salchicha + fried egg) + (cheese + avocado + tomato + onion + jalapenos) + lightly toasted sesame roll = the absolutely monstrous cubana torta at San Jose’s Bakery Mexico No. 2.

cubana torta from bakery mexico no. 2

Just one of these babies is enough to stuff you for an entire day, not to mention take care of your sodium and cholesterol allotment neatly.

Bakery Mexico No. 2, located in the heart of downtown San Jose on E. Santa Clara between 2nd and 3rd, is a combination deli and bakery with friendly service and huge portions.  I went there yesterday with my parents before our excursion to the Tech Museum of San Jose’s free family day.

Tortas and liquados menu at Bakery Mexico No. 2

Recommended: My dad ordered the monstrous cubana torta ($6.00), which tasted as amazing as it looks and was my favorite torta of the three, especially because of the fried egg.  I found the salchicha (Vienna sausage) to be an off-putting addition, but the overall torta was so good that I rolled with it anyway.  I was pleased with my pork loin lomo torta ($5.50) as well; the meat was slightly dry but flavorful nonetheless.

From the bakery, we ordered some of the pan dulce (sweet breads) Yelpers were gushing over — our cashier’s two personal favorites, the pound cake with chocolate crust and the cheesecake.  Both were super delicious; I’m normally not huge on cheesecake, but this version was much denser than American cheesecake and just sweet enough without being cloying.

bakery mexico no 2 san jose

Not recommended: The flavor of my mom’s breaded steak milanesa torta ($5.50) was, sadly, overpowered by the greasiness of the breading.  They were out of the mango liquados we ordered, and had to give us strawberry liquados instead, which essentially amounted to a regular strawberry milkshake.

Overall: A decent tortas joint; not worth a special trip to San Jose, but I’d come back if I was in the area with a huge appetite.  I’d combine the best of both worlds by ordering a combination torta with lomo (pork loin), pierna (smoked ham), and huevos for a trifecta of awesome.  I would also definitely go back for the pan dulce selection.

tortas from bakery mexico no 2 san jose

Bakery Mexico No. 2

87 E Santa Clara St.

San Jose, CA

(408) 920-2518

Bakery Mexico (original)

2811 Story Rd.

San Jose, CA

(408) 272-3838