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Nutella Snack & Drink

In by Katherine, The Internets on September 2 at 6:04 pm

Saw this on Reddit yesterday and my mind was blown.  Apparently they have them in Italy and New York City.  Color me jealous.

P.S.  Amy maintains that this is just an Italian ripoff of Yan Yan.  To which I say, hey Yan Yan, where’s my pearl milk tea?


Watchmen Cupcakes

In by Katherine, Dessert First on November 29 at 2:23 am

We here at Foodie Friday have been excitedly tracking our 15 minutes of fame on Reddit tonight.  It’s awesome to see everyone’s appreciative comments of the periodic table cupcakes (and speculation about me being a bored housewife).

So you guys like nerdy cupcakes.  You want to see more nerdy cupcakes.  Okay.

Here are some that I made out of fondant for Watchmen.

Watchmen cupcakes

watchmen cupcakes nite owl rorschach dr. manhattan

watchmen cupcakes

Does lightning strike twice?  Regardless, thanks for all the periodic table love.