Something's cooking in Apartment 205.

Meet the Foodies

The Head Chef

JohnJohn is the true culinary genius behind the Foodie Friday kitchen. His many years of watching the Food Network have made him the undisputed Iron Chef of the group.

When he’s not steaming mussels, he’s procrastinating on Digg, sleeping, or doing bitchwork for Amy.

The Restaurant Manager

AmyAmy is the logistics coordinator, foreman, and resident Asian mom rolled into one.

When she’s not making Rice Krispies Treats, she’s reading, patrolling Craigslist, or preparing for her career as a trustbuster/first grade teacher.

The Semi-Vegetarian

KatherineKatherine has recently decided to cook less meat at home, swapping chicken pot pies and meaty lasagnas for veggie wraps and risottos.

When she’s not getting fresh produce from Berkeley Bowl, she’s making snarky comments, learning to skateboard, or getting stitches afterward.

The Experimenter

PaulPaul is the most avant-garde of the group, often concocting dishes based on abstract ideas like color (orange juice + peaches + orange Doritos).

When he’s not stir-frying bananas with chicken, he’s drawing comics, playing Settlers of Catan, or writing rent checks incorrectly.

The Closet Gourmet

NishNish stocks his kitchen with fresh herbs, fancy cheeses, exquisite fruits, and fine wines.

When he’s not eating takeout, he’s reading math books, listening to hipster music, or laughing at Paul.

The Young Grasshopper


As the newest member of the Foodie Friday gang, Deanne is ready to begin her journey from Grasshopper status (microwaver of frozen food and “Hey! Look! I just fried an egg!”) to Foodie Chef Master (“I can flambé a crème brulee, carmelize onions, and roast an entire pig with one hand tied behind my back …blindfolded!”). Armed with an eggbeater in one hand and a cheese grater in the other, Deanne bravely forays into #205 Kitchen Stadium and beyond (with Katherine as her guide).

Deanne is also addicted to dark chocolate. Guyere cheese, apples, and white truffle oil take a close second.

  1. I can’t say I approve of this “Semi-vegetarian” business… hmmm… Glad you got the blog up though!

  2. Dude! AWESOME blog. Why do you just own Amy and I at artistic stuff. I hate how my description is actually true :-(.

  3. Semi-vegitarianism is akin to semi-Nazism.

  4. My friends started cooking, too! They’re called Epic Proportions, and I often guest cook with them :]

  5. i would like to try that “orange juice + peaches + orange Doritos” dish! i also love to cook based on randomness, such as “things that have a shell”. keep up the great work and i look forward to checking back on this blog often! :)

  6. <3 I LOVE it! This blog is seriously the most genius idea ever. I'll be visiting often. : )

  7. OMG foodblog drool!

    will procrastinate papers to look at foodblogs now, kthxbye!
    also, I’m from berkeley and would love to just go over to your apartment and eat your food for’reals. xD

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